Friday, May 18, 2012

Torn Away

Ripped and torn, gutted and flayed
My soul shattered and my heart betrayed
Sunshine of my day and the glow of my night
This broken new day will never be right

Burn the world and scorch the earth
Turn the soil into a fiery hearth
Defile the land and drain the sea
This planet has lost all joy for me

Shatter the buildings and flatten the towns
Make it so ugly the sun even frowns
Tear of its axis and send into blackness
Crush what is left of the planet to dust
Send it away with a god-like thrust

We didn’t deserve you, I didn’t deserve to lose you
Nothing could be more sad
And nothing could be more true
I have been alone since I lost you

Some crap I wrote a wile ago from my old blog.